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International strain nameB6;C3-Faslgld/Orl
Alternative nameC57BL/6 - gld
Strain typeSpontaneous
Allele/Transgene symbolFaslgld,
Gene/Transgene symbolFasl

Information from provider

ProviderS Nagata
Provider affiliationOsaka Bioscience Institute
Phenotypic informationMutant strain for Fasl-gld (Fas ligand, generalized lymphoproliferative disease) allele; prev. nomenclature: Tnfsf6-gld (tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 6, gld). The gld allele is generated by a point mutation in the C-terminal region of the Fasl protein. The homozygous gld mice develop lymphadenopathy and have autoimmune diseases.
  • Generalized lymphoproliferative disease in mice, caused by a point mutation in the Fas ligand.;Takahashi T, Tanaka M, Brannan C I, Jenkins N A, Copeland N G, Suda T, Nagata S, ;1994;Cell;76;969-76; 7511063

Information from EMMA

Archiving centreInstitut de Transgenose, INTRAGENE, Orléans, France

Disease and phenotype information

MGI allele-associated human disease models

MGI phenotypes (allele matching)
  • increased leukocyte cell number / MGI
  • increased neutrophil cell number / MGI
  • enlarged spleen / MGI
  • enlarged lymph nodes / MGI
  • anemia / MGI
  • skin edema / MGI
  • interstitial pneumonia / MGI
  • neoplasm / MGI
  • premature death / MGI
  • abnormal T cell differentiation / MGI
  • abnormal lymph node morphology / MGI
  • increased immunoglobulin level / MGI
  • increased IgG level / MGI
  • increased IgM level / MGI
  • increased IgA level / MGI
  • increased autoantibody level / MGI
  • increased anti-double stranded DNA antibody level / MGI
  • increased anti-nuclear antigen antibody level / MGI
  • increased lymphocyte cell number / MGI
  • increased T cell number / MGI
  • decreased B cell number / MGI
  • decreased cytotoxic T cell cytolysis / MGI
  • renal/urinary system phenotype / MGI
  • cardiovascular system phenotype / MGI
  • increased IgG1 level / MGI
  • increased IgG2a level / MGI
  • increased IgG2b level / MGI
  • mortality/aging / MGI
  • decreased granulocyte number / MGI
  • abnormal hepatocyte morphology / MGI
  • demyelination / MGI
  • abnormal osteoclast physiology / MGI
  • focal hepatic necrosis / MGI
  • brain inflammation / MGI
  • eye inflammation / MGI
  • liver inflammation / MGI
  • increased susceptibility to bacterial infection / MGI
  • increased susceptibility to viral infection / MGI
  • abnormal sperm number / MGI
  • decreased circulating alanine transaminase level / MGI
  • abnormal sperm physiology / MGI
  • abnormal eye electrophysiology / MGI
  • CNS inflammation / MGI
  • decreased hepatocyte apoptosis / MGI
  • abnormal NK cell physiology / MGI
  • abnormal T cell physiology / MGI
  • decreased neuron apoptosis / MGI
  • abnormal T cell proliferation / MGI
  • abnormal T cell morphology / MGI
  • abnormal interleukin level / MGI
  • impaired macrophage phagocytosis / MGI
  • increased spleen weight / MGI
  • homeostasis/metabolism phenotype / MGI
  • increased apoptosis / MGI
  • dermatitis / MGI
  • increased IgE level / MGI
  • increased susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus / MGI
  • decreased susceptibility to injury / MGI
  • immune system phenotype / MGI
  • increased circulating tumor necrosis factor level / MGI
  • increased histiocytic sarcoma incidence / MGI
  • reproductive system phenotype / MGI

Literature references

  • Generalized lymphoproliferative disease in mice, caused by a point mutation in the Fas ligand.;Takahashi T, Tanaka M, Brannan C I, Jenkins N A, Copeland N G, Suda T, Nagata S, ;1994;Cell;76;969-76; 7511063

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