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International strain nameB6;129S5-Elovl6Gt(OST222498)Lex/Orl
Alternative nameLEXKO-129
Strain typeGene-trap
Allele/Transgene symbolElovl6Gt(OST222498)Lex,
Gene/Transgene symbolElovl6

Information from provider

Provider Lexicon Genetics, Inc.
Provider affiliationLexicon Pharmaceuticals
Phenotypic informationNeurological data suggest enhanced motor coordination in the homozygous mutant mice. Serum cholesterol levels were reduced in female (-/-) mice. RT-PCR analysis revealed that the transcript was absent in the homozygous mutant mice.
ReferencesNone available

Information from EMMA

Archiving centreInstitut de Transgenose, INTRAGENE, Orléans, France

Disease and phenotype information

MGI phenotypes (allele matching)
  • enhanced coordination / MGI
  • decreased circulating cholesterol level / MGI
  • abnormal liver morphology / MGI
  • abnormal lipid homeostasis / MGI
  • hepatic steatosis / MGI
  • decreased circulating insulin level / MGI
  • increased insulin sensitivity / MGI
  • increased lean body mass / MGI
  • abnormal pancreatic islet morphology / MGI
  • abnormal fatty acid level / MGI
  • improved glucose tolerance / MGI
  • growth/size/body region phenotype / MGI
  • decreased circulating leptin level / MGI
  • abnormal hepatocyte physiology / MGI
  • embryonic lethality, incomplete penetrance / MGI
  • decreased fatty acid oxidation / MGI

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