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International strain nameB6.129-Cd81tm1Lvy/Orl
Alternative nameB6-backcrossed Cd81 knockout
Strain typeTargeted Mutant Strains : Knock-out
Allele/Transgene symbolCd81tm1Lvy,
Gene/Transgene symbolCd81

Information from provider

ProviderShoshana Levy
Provider affiliationDepartment of Bioengineering, Stanford University
Genetic informationCd81 knockout mice.
Phenotypic informationFemale infertility, resistance to infection by Plasmodium sporozoites, impairment in the immune and nervous systems.
Breeding historyFemale infertility of Cd81 mice was manifested after the 4th backcross to a homozygous background (C57BL/6 and BALB/c). The mice have been backcrossed onto the C57BL/6 background for at least 8 generation.
  • Normal lymphocyte development but delayed humoral immune response in CD81-null mice.;Maecker H T, Levy S, ;1997;The Journal of experimental medicine;185;1505-10; 9126932
Homozygous fertileno
Homozygous viableyes
Homozygous matings requiredno

Information from EMMA

Archiving centreInstitut de Transgenose, INTRAGENE, Orléans, France
Animals used for archivinghomozygous C57BL/6J, wild-type C57BL/6J
Stage of embryos2-cell

Disease and phenotype information

Orphanet associated rare diseases, based on orthologous gene matching

MGI phenotypes (allele matching)
  • thickened cerebral cortex / MGI
  • increased brain weight / MGI
  • abnormal T-helper 2 physiology / MGI
  • decreased susceptibility to type I hypersensitivity reaction / MGI
  • increased hippocampus volume / MGI
  • nervous system phenotype / MGI
  • decreased IgG level / MGI
  • abnormal B cell morphology / MGI
  • decreased susceptibility to parasitic infection / MGI
  • decreased IgG1 level / MGI
  • abnormal hippocampus morphology / MGI
  • abnormal CNS glial cell morphology / MGI
  • abnormal neuron morphology / MGI
  • abnormal hippocampus CA1 region morphology / MGI
  • abnormal hippocampus pyramidal cell morphology / MGI
  • increased astrocyte number / MGI
  • abnormal microglial cell morphology / MGI
  • abnormal corpus callosum morphology / MGI

Literature references

  • Normal lymphocyte development but delayed humoral immune response in CD81-null mice.;Maecker H T, Levy S, ;1997;The Journal of experimental medicine;185;1505-10; 9126932

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