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International strain nameB6;129P2-Tmem67tm1Dgen/H
Alternative nameDELTAGEN_T4738
Strain typeTargeted Mutant Strains : Knock-out
Allele/Transgene symbolTmem67tm1Dgen,
Gene/Transgene symbolTmem67

Information from provider

Provider Deltagen Inc.
Provider affiliationDeltagen Inc.
Phenotypic informationNo phenotype data was provided
ReferencesNone available

Information from EMMA

Archiving centreMary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell, Oxford, United Kingdom

Disease and phenotype information

MGI allele-associated human disease models

Orphanet associated rare diseases, based on orthologous gene matching

MGI phenotypes (allele matching)
  • abnormal cell morphology / MGI
  • microcephaly / MGI
  • mandible hypoplasia / MGI
  • abnormal corpus callosum morphology / MGI
  • dilated fourth ventricle / MGI
  • small cerebellum / MGI
  • cerebellum vermis hypoplasia / MGI
  • exencephaly / MGI
  • abnormal roof plate morphology / MGI
  • incomplete rostral neuropore closure / MGI
  • abnormal dorsal-ventral axis patterning / MGI
  • postnatal growth retardation / MGI
  • perinatal lethality / MGI
  • postnatal lethality / MGI
  • abnormal neural tube morphology / MGI
  • abnormal forebrain development / MGI
  • abnormal nervous system morphology / MGI
  • kidney cysts / MGI
  • abnormal midbrain development / MGI
  • abnormal hepatobiliary system development / MGI
  • absent embryonic cilia / MGI
  • abnormal embryonic neuroepithelium morphology / MGI
  • holoprosencephaly / MGI
  • limbs/digits/tail phenotype / MGI
  • cellular phenotype / MGI
  • abnormal basal ganglion morphology / MGI
  • abnormal tegmentum morphology / MGI
  • absent anterior commissure / MGI
  • enlarged hippocampus / MGI
  • abnormal neural tube ventricular layer morphology / MGI
  • meningomyelocele / MGI
  • abnormal brain ependyma motile cilium morphology / MGI
  • abnormal renal tubule epithelial cell primary cilium morphology / MGI
  • postnatal lethality, incomplete penetrance / MGI
  • neonatal lethality, incomplete penetrance / MGI
  • abnormal neural fold morphology / MGI
  • decreased forebrain size / MGI
  • increased forebrain size / MGI
  • encephalomeningocele / MGI
  • decreased hindbrain size / MGI
  • abnormal posterior cranial fossa morphology / MGI

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Requesting frozen sperm or embryos is generally advisable wherever possible, in order to minimise the shipment of live mice.

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  • Rederivation of mice from frozen stock, delivery time available upon request . €3880*

Due to the dynamic nature of our processes strain availability may change at short notice. The local repository manager will advise you in these circumstances.

* In addition users have to cover all the shipping costs (including the cost for returning dry-shippers, where applicable).

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