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International strain nameB(BR)-Steap3fred/ApbH
Alternative nameRedburst
Strain typeInduced Mutant Strains : Chemically-induced
Allele/Transgene symbolSteap3fred,
Gene/Transgene symbolSteap3

Information from provider

ProviderChris Goodnow
Provider affiliationThe Australian National University
Genetic informationThis mutation carries a point mutation T to C at nucleotide 862 (Y288H) and was identified during systematically screening of the mouse genome for autoimmune regulators. The mutation results in alteration in red blood cell development. A null mutant has been described which has defects in transferrin mediated iron uptake.
Phenotypic informationThese mice carry abnormalities in red blood cell size and shape.
Breeding historyOriginal background: C57BL/6Apb. Maintained background: Mixed C57BL/6Apb x B10.BR. Breeding History: From G1 to G5 it was sib x sib mating on B6 background. Then male G5 was outcrossed to female B10.BR. Offspring were then mated sib x sib for two further generations.
ReferencesNone available

Information from EMMA

Archiving centreMary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell, Oxford, United Kingdom

Disease and phenotype information

Orphanet associated rare diseases, based on orthologous gene matching

    • Severe congenital hypochromic anemia with ringed sideroblasts / Orphanet_300298
MGI phenotypes (allele matching)
  • enlarged heart / MGI
  • enlarged spleen / MGI
  • reticulocytosis / MGI
  • anisopoikilocytosis / MGI
  • decreased hemoglobin content / MGI
  • increased liver copper level / MGI
  • abnormal erythrocyte physiology / MGI
  • polychromatophilia / MGI
  • reproductive system phenotype / MGI
  • hematopoietic system phenotype / MGI
  • abnormal iron homeostasis / MGI
  • decreased circulating copper level / MGI
  • hypochromic microcytic anemia / MGI
  • increased liver iron level / MGI
  • leptocytosis / MGI

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