PATHBIO course 3: Imaging Mouse Master Class for the 3R´s

21 - 29 September 2020
Local organiser: PHENOMIN-ICS, Strasbourg
virtual course

Module 3, Mouse Imaging, will take place as an online course in 2020. Its aim is to help graduate, master, PhD and postdoc students understand the basic principles of several key methods from structural to functional imaging and to get an overview of the best practices including the 3R rules to design scientific experiments.

Imaging offers the opportunity to characterize further the features with a wide variety of methods and they are almost translational, with most of them primarily developed in human and adapted to animal models. The invited experts – mouse embryologists, anatomists, pathologists and researchers from Europe, Asia, and Canada – will give lectures and discuss different aspects of mouse Imaging technologies. They will provide powerful imaging tools to understand and follow the progress of diseases and how to take advantage of these imaging methods to answer your scientific questions, specifically focusing on the 3R criteria (Refinement, Replacement, Reduction), ethics and animal welfare.

COVID-19 situation:

Given the extremely challenging circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic the planned PathBio courses will move to online delivery for 2020. At the moment dates for the courses will remain as announced and applicants should register for the courses according to the instructions for each course given on our website.

We estimate about 30 places for each course will be available to allow for close personal interaction with the course faculty online. We hope to be able to maintain all the advantages of a “real life” course using online tools. As more information becomes available it will be updated here:

Costs and Contact:

There is no fee for this course. Participants have to organize travel and accommodation themselves and cover the corresponding expenses.

Application deadline is 20 August 2020. Interested participants should apply online with CV and letter of motivation on

PATHBIO is an EU-funded ERASMUS Knowledge Alliance for “Precision Pathobiology for Disease Models”. The program is supported by INFRAFRONTIER and IMPC.

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